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Screenshot Section Wednesday, 25th of July, 2018
Welcome to the B4v21 Screenshots Section. After one year in stand-by mode and three days in development, hopefully it would have been worth the wait.

You can now post Blockland v20 (and lower) screenshots to the official site. Please note that posting material not taken in Blockland v20 or lower / spamming screenshot uploads will get you permanently banned from this service. Thanks and have fun!
by Clay Hanson

RTB2 Archive Released! Friday, 11th of May, 2018
After hours of renaming all of these add-ons and fixing some others, it is finally done.

This is an archive of add-ons that mostly have not been seen ever since 2009.
RTB2 was the predecessor to the last RTB3, and only lasted from February to July of 2009.
Unlike RTB3, when uploading files to RTB2 it would not have needed to be seen by a moderator before being submitted on the site. This, however, meant that there was a lot of bad/trash submissions.
There are some add-ons here that are quite rare, and a lot that are quite bad and barely working.

I have corrected some add-ons to work properly, such as many add-ons that were nested or those with weird packaging.
HOWEVER NOTE that a lot of these add-ons have been completely unmoderated. Proceed with your own risk when using some of these add-ons.">
by Kenko

B4v21 Launcher v1.0.1 is out! Saturday, 24th of February, 2018
A new version of the B4v21 Launcher is out now over at

Changes include a version manager (Install B4v21-Supported versions easily!), multiple bug fixes, and a game info viewer.
Your previous launcher configuration files are compatible with this version, so do NOT delete them.
by Clay Hanson

B4v21 Launcher Friday, 23rd of February, 2018
The B4v21 launcher is now out.
This handy tool allows you to query the master server list before opening any version of Blockland, and opens the Blockland version according to the server you try to join.

Download it at the bottom of !
by Clay Hanson

Official B4v21 Server Tuesday, 6th of February, 2018
The official B4v21 server is now being hosted 24/7 with a ton of brick add-ons. If you feel the need to play v20 at any time, there will always be a server up for you. Happy building.
by Clay Hanson

Adventures in Blockland v20 - Video Sunday, 28th of January, 2018
I've just released a new video about B4v21! This video is a collection of various fun moments and great times at B4v21. Huge thanks to everyone who was a part of it! An episode two may release depending on if we can record more bits!
by Kenko

WEBSITE NOW PUBLIC Friday, 8th of December, 2017
The official B4v21 website is now public! Here you can find the latest B4v21 news the B4v21 master listing, official downloads, support, and more!
We're currently setting up a system for Files & Screenshots, so stay tuned for that!
by Clay Hanson

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