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The B4v21 launcher allows you to manage your B4v21 installations & update these installations with security patches / new features!

Installation Instructions:
1. Download the zip file linked below.
2. Use 7-zip or Windows 10 to extract the contents of the ZIP to a folder, preferably named "B4v21".
3. Run 'Start B4v21 Launcher.bat' to begin using the launcher.

>> Download here! <<

Client Migration Instructions:
1. Start the launcher, click 'Manage Versions' and click 'Add...' at the bottom.
2. Select from the drop-down list which version you are adding.
3. For the path, we reccomend you you create a 'versions' folder next to the B4v21 Launcher folder and .bat file (if not already there), and place your install(s) in there for file organisation. If you don't want to though, change this path to where your client is located.
4. Click 'Add', decide if you want convenient shortcuts to your versions and your client should now be linked in the version list.

Master Server Migration Instructions:
1. Start the game you're trying to migrate
2. Open the 'Join a Server' dialog from the main menu
3. Open the 'Filters' dialog
4. Change the CustomMS URL to '' (without apostrophes).
If the version of Blockland you're trying to migrate DOESN'T have this, then follow these instructions:
1. Start the game you're trying to migrate
2. Open the console ('~' or tilde key -- Under 'Esc') and enter '$Pref::MasterServer = "";' (without apostrophes).