Title: Mirror Bricks
Summary: Reflect the world! And lag!
Author: Kenko
Submitted By: Kenko
Date Submitted: Wed Aug 30, 2023 11:56 am
Description: As a kid I would've been blown away by having real mirrors in Blockland - ones that you can place freely wherever you want and they reflect the world as expected. This is still a technical nightmare in video games 15 years later, but it turns out the Torque Game Engine has had a mirror feature from way back... it's just that in typical Torque fashion, it's rather buggy and unstable.

Currently this add-on was just rushed together - it doesn't have any brick icons, and there is currently only one mirror shape available. Icons and more sizes could be added in an update.

IMPORTANT: Mirrors will only show for you if you enable mirrors in the Advanced tab of Options!
Additionally, expect these mirrors to be laggy, occasionally crashy and certainly buggy. Do not bother reporting issues regarding mirrors to the Rebuilt issue board, as these issues are known and likely won't be fixed. (however vitawrap did modify the engine so you can see your reflection in first-person!)
Mirrors have far less visual problems with shaders off instead of shaders on, so you can try turning off shaders to reduce various visual issues.
There is one server pref, which controls the maximum amount of placed mirrors allowed.


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Blockland ID: 265684
 Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2023 9:13 pm

I'm gonna make a cool mirror maze with these bricks.


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