Title: Left 4 Dead 2 Weapons (Improved)
Summary: Kill all sons a' bitches.
Author: Rykuta, and Yndaaa. Edited by MenderMan
Submitted By: MenderMan
Date Submitted: Tue Feb 28, 2023 6:31 pm
Description: The (in)famous Left 4 Dead 2 weapon pack by Rykuta and Yndaaa, but now even better!

- All weapons have been packed into one zip for convenience
- All weapon sounds have been normalized so you don't blow your ears out
- All weapons have been rebalanced to work similarly to how they actually do in L4D2 (for example, the FN-Scar no longer fires in bursts of 5, it fires in bursts of 3 now)
- Shotgun reloads are MUCH faster now (Animation looks a bit wonky, but now the shotguns are actually usable)
- Changed skin texture to a dark gray, so it looks like you have gloves

Weapon List:
  • P200 (Single pistol)
  • Dual Pistols
  • Deagle (New sound by Bjecinst!)
  • Uzi
  • Mac10
  • Hunting Shotgun
  • Chrome Shotgun
  • M16
  • AK47
  • FN-Scar
  • Auto Shotgun
  • SPAS-12
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Military Rifle


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