Title: Procedural Terrain Generator
Summary: A chunk-based terrain generator - the perfect tool for lazy builders!
Author: [GSF]Ghost
Submitted By: HansonBot
Date Submitted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:56 pm
Description: Credits:
Thanks to all the beta-testers, especially Furling, catzoo, Zacks, and Evar678.

  • If you are having issues with getting the generator to work, try removing other client-sided generator add-ons.
  • If you come across any issues while generating terrain, please refer to the manual, especially the section related to the issue. Also, it may be that the settings related to the issue may need to be slightly adjusted (the Z-Section values especially). If you come across strange patterns in the terrain, try changing the Smoothing Coefficient value.
  • The add-on does not fully support dedicated servers yet, although I'll add support in the near future.
  • Please download the Brick_ModTer_4xPack if you would like to generate Modular Terrain. Otherwise, make sure you have the Brick_Large_Cubes add-on enabled. The Plant bricks, Forest Tree brick and Pine Tree Print brick work well for details.
  • Planting a brick and then using "Ctrl + Z" to undo it will delete the entire column of bricks if they are floating.
  • Make sure you have the add-on enabled when loading saved landscapes that use print water or print boundary bricks, otherwise these bricks won't load.

  • Uses custom made coherent and incoherent noise algorithms.
      The coherent noise algorithms only require one octave of smoothing to be applied to slopes, thus chunk generation should be very fast (enabling Biomes and Solid Ground will slow it down, however).
      Uses minimal calculations. For instance: Terrain, Caves and Clouds are both based on one noise calculation pass; enabling Caves and Clouds will cause no additional calculations to be performed, except for creating the bricks. Also, enabling all four Biomes at once will only require two of them to be calculated.
      Also uses a simplified Marching-Cubes algorithm for generating 4x Modular Terrain bricks.
  • Has built in restrictions to allow only the server-host to use the GUIs and server commands. Also has fail-safes built in just encase a client manages to open a GUI.
  • Allows for various terrain types to be generated, such as Cube-Scaping, Displacement-Scaping, Modular Terrain, Plains and Floating Islands.
  • Offers various options, such as Caves, Clouds, Sinkholes, Boundaries, Plate-Capping, and more!
      Also includes an option for disabling Solid Ground, which will help dramatically reduce the brick count (make sure you pay attention to the server brick count, as you can easily go over It with this add-on).
  • Features six Biomes, four of which are fully customizable. The host has the option for setting Biome terrain colors/prints, dirt colors/prints (if Plate-Capping is enabled), water colors/prints and up to nine Detail-bricks specific to each Biome.
      Any bricks can be used for details, however the GUI filters out all brick categories except for Special and Rounds (otherwise navigating the datablock list for a certain brick would be quite difficult). The generator automatically sets the correct brick height for you. (It is recommended to only use bricks that dont exceed the length and width of a 4x cube).
      The generator also filters out detail bricks under the Underwater/BiomeF category that would stick out above the water's surface.
  • Gives the user control over countless settings, such as Seed value, Grid Start and End positions, sand level, water level, terrain height offset, terrain height multiplier, terrain height scale, Chunk Size, Chunk Tick, Terrain Scale, Biome Scale, Smoothing (with the option of disabling smoothing), etc.
      Also has an option for using custom height values for individual Chunks, allowing for greater influence over the landscape (mentioned on the last page of manual).
      The host also has the option for Previewing terrain (with biomes, if enabled) so they dont have to generate terrain each time for experimentation. (It may be slightly off, mostly with Floating Islands, but Ill try to fix this in a future update).
  • Has both in-game and .PDF document help manuals included.
  • Includes three server commands: /EndPTG quickly ends the routine, /ClearPTG clears only generated terrain bricks and /PausePTG pauses or resumes the routine.
  • Generates terrain independent of the player, so you won't mess up the terrain generation routine while moving.
      Also features custom, infinite terrain variation algorithms.

Planned Features for the Near Future:
  • Fix preview height offset with floating islands.
  • Add infinite terrain generating along with a culling system.
  • Add an option for selecting other brick sizes (Modular Terrain will autoadapt to the brick size and height-scale).
  • Allow Super Admins to use the GUI as well.
  • Fix remaining client/server-sided code issues and add support for dedicated servers.
  • Add presets and saving option.
  • Fix issue with detail bricks interfering with terrain/modular terrain bricks (possibly by generating them in a separate pass).
  • Improve the Ground Gap-Filling option to use less bricks.
  • Fix miscellaneous issues.


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