Title: inFamous Package
Summary: Weapons and Playertype based off the game 'inFAMOUS'
Author: Audax, Keonesan
Submitted By: HansonBot
Date Submitted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:35 am

2/27/2011 - Final update, just some tiny edits, no longer plan to make extra packs.

Lightning Bolt
The Lightning Bolt is a basic electrical power. The player can fire Lightning Bolts from his/her hands. They are fairly weak, only dealing 5 damage each. But only costing the player 2 points of electricity, you should have this power ready.

Static Thrusters
Static Thrusters is an ability that allows the player to project static electricity from their hands, so instead of just free falling, you can descend slowly from the sky in a gliding fashion. Static Thrusters are entirely dependent on momentum. The player can be steered but no additional upward momentum can be generated after the initial jump, and presumably air resistance causes their momentum to slow fairly quickly in addition to manual course corrections.

The player is able to perform Parkour, much like the Agile Player. Wall clinging is very useful when there are enemies on the opposite side of the wall. You are able to grab the top and fire any weapon over. Slightly enhanced speed for a running effect.

Credit to Amade for the Elemental Spellpack for the Lightning Bolt and isMage Playertype variable. Also for the energy drain when using electrical abilities, to be used in future updates. Amade had no direct participation, he only gave me permission to use some code. Also, credit to Keonesan for the idea and helping me mount a model and emitter to two mount points, balancing the weapons and helping me fix the energy drain.

-There are no required add-ons for this to work, except the Radiowave Projectile which you should have since it is default.
-To climb a wall, make sure you are colliding with it. Hold down your jet key (default right mouse button) and repeatedly tap your jump key (default spacebar). To hold onto a wall, stop hitting your jump key, but keep your jet button held down, then activate the wall (default left mouse button). To let go of the wall, activate the wall a second time.
-This uses an older version of the Agile Player, different code and different controls.
-The 'energy drain on weapon fire' only works with the 'inFamous Player'.
-You cannot climb walls while using the Static Thrusters, that would be pretty cheap.
-To stop using the Static Thrusters, fire them a second time.


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