Title: Landscape Generator
Summary: This handy tool can generate lanscapes of huge sizes.
Author: Clockturn, Jaydee, Nixill, Reactor Worker, Trader
Submitted By: HansonBot
Date Submitted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 11:53 am
Description: Features:

- Create landscapes very easily
- Customizabe colors
- Landscape saving/loading
- Method saving/loading

Before complaining,
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Q: Will this work on anyone's colorset or my colorset?
A: Yes it will, LSG automatically adjusts to your current colorset.

Q: How did you get that awesome Blockland skin?
A: This was made by Svenne. Here's the thread from the RTB forums.

Q: Will this work even if I below the average computer?
A: It depends how much bricks your computer can handle.

Q: Is this a new version?
A: No, I never changed any major part of the code. The thing that I only changed are the paths and the filename of the add-on.

Q: Can I use any brick instead of an 8x8 cube?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there me be more methods?
A: Hopefully, yes. I'm still studying it too.

Q: Will there new versions?
A: Let's hope that NiXiLL/Lumirayz does.

Q: I really can't get it to work! What will I do?
A: Look at the "Before you start" section. If everything on it is alright, maybe you're doing something wrong.

Q: Okay so I generated a landscape on a baseplate, but it keeps planting beyond the baseplates and kept giving me "Float" errors! What do I do?
A: See step 1 at the instructions. If you just don't know how to do simple math, don't do it in baseplates.

Q: HURR DURR I DO NOT TRUST THIS PORT!!! it dont have permissioN!!!1111 hurp durp huuuurrrpp
A: NiXiLL wrote:Sure you can repost it. :3

Q: OMG!! it shud me namd becos it will not wrok!!!11 trust me im smart!!111
A: The add-on prefix does not fit the add-on itself, and it doesn't even have a server.cs in the archive. It is a client-sided add-on, and that's how it should be named. Don't worry it wouldn't work, I have fixed it so that it will work

Q: Do I always need to have the same brick at all my brick slots?
A: No, actually, you can do different bricks. For example, you want the water block to be water: You see that the water brick has the brick value of 1? It means its corresponding to slot 2 in your brick cart. Just replace a 8x8 water in the slot 2 of your brick cart, and all water blocks will become water.

Change log:


* Simple landscape generation.
* Quite user friendly GUI.
* Very simple system of extending it (look in zip/methods).
* Comes with 1 mode (Lol?).
* If you liked the generated landscape, you can save it.
* Comes with an editor if you want to draw with it/corrcect landscapes or anything.
* Works in any colorset becasue you can select colors.
* Doesn't only use colors, uses heights too.


* One more method: Plains.
* Numerous GUI fixes.
* Editor update.
* Editor Grid
* Brick Type selection, Height selection.
* Brick size detection


* Fixed the saving bug.
* Fixed a bug in the brick textboxes.
* Added the browse option for methods.
* Various small bugs.


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Supported Games: Blockland v20, Blockland Rebuilt
Version: v1
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