Title: Rocket Launcher Colors
Summary: Nine new Rocket L. colors for team based matches!
Author: Jaydee
Submitted By: HansonBot
Date Submitted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:59 am
Description: Okay this is kinda basic.

It adds 9 new Rocket Launchers that have distinctive colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Sand, Black, Grey, and White

Requires Weapon_Rocket_Launcher installed and enabled

Common Misconceptions:
- "Replaced Rocket Launcher datablocks!! OMFG" = No, I did not replace any datablocks.
- "You made the rocket more stronger!!" = No, I did not make any modifications to the rocket projectile
- "This sucks, i can't find any use for it!!!11!" = This was made for color-based Team Deathmatches.
- "OMG this is taking too much datablocks!!1" = No, it roughly has only 18* datablocks.

* due to update

I made you happy, would you make me happy too? :3


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Supported Games: Blockland v20, Blockland Rebuilt
Version: v2
Filesize: 1.55 kB
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