Title: Achievements
Summary: Blockland has never had any Achievements, and now it does.
Author: DarkLight
Submitted By: HansonBot
Date Submitted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:31 am
Description: Finally the achievements mod is here and ready for you to download. You can unlock achievements in-game by doing something like planting 100 bricks, or making your first kill for example. Your achievements also save unless the server admin deletes the save file.

It is really simple to create your own achievements, most of the stuff is taken care of by the client. You're just required to code the achievements into your server.

Just bind the GUI to a key and you're all set and ready to start earning those achievements on the servers that have this mod installed.

Here is an example on how to send a locked achievement to the client.
Code:sendLockedAchievementToClient(%client, "pacman", "5 Bites", "Taken a bite out of dots.");

The break down is, the client, the icon name, the achievement title, and the achievement description.

Code:sendLockedAchievementToClient(client, icon name, title, description, category);

It's also easy to unlock an achievement on the client by using a code like so:
Code:unlockClientAchievement(%client, "5 Bites");

That code would unlock the achievement "5 Bites" that we just just sent to the client. Pretty simple, so now the break down.

Code:unlockClientAchievement(client, title);

You can check if the client has the mod with:
Will return true if they do.

You can register an icon with:
Code:registerAchievementIcon(path, name);


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