Title: Health Bar
Summary: This will show how many hitpoints you (and the thing you're in) have left.
Author: Iban, Visolator, Jes00, Kokonut
Submitted By: Kokonut
Date Submitted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:19 pm
Description: A simple health bar mod, since Blockland intentionally does not have one by default.
Needs to be installed on both clients AND the server to display!

Here's a summary:

  • Shows your health near the top right of the screen on any supported server.
  • Will turn white when you are overhealed (with the TF2 Medi Gun), and grey when invincible.
  • Will show the health of vehicles you are riding.
  • Backwards compatible with older versions!
  • Includes the following server preferences:

      Enabled - turns the entire mod on/off.
    • Minigames Only? - Whether to hide the health bar outside of minigames.
    • Mode - Whether to show players their maximum health, or only a percentage.
    • Show Vehicle Bar? - Whether to show vehicle health bars or not.

  • Includes the following client preference:

      Show Health Bar Numbers - Whether to show numbers on health bars, or to leave them empty.



File Information 
Supported Games: Blockland v20, Blockland Rebuilt
Version: v3 (View Changes)
Filesize: 5.73 kB
Total Downloads: 89
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