Title: AGCS's Childhood Minifigure Pack
Summary: Some decals based off of Minifigures I used to physically own when I was very young.
Author: LampPipe/AGCS
Submitted By: AGCS
Date Submitted: Thu Apr 27, 2023 6:16 pm
Description: Decals that I made to represent some old Mini-figures I had when I was a child from my first Lego sets my parents bought me.

The following series sets and their representations are as follows:

Classic - Red Large Bucket 4288
- Vertical Lines Red & Blue
- Blue Overalls

Lego Creator - All Kinds of Animals 4121

- Max
- Tina

6453 Space Port - Com-Link Cruiser
- Ground Control (Two variants for pale or peach skin, and yellow)

Custom faces are not mine.


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