Title: The Genius Colorset
Summary: Perfectly toned for LEGO Builds
Author: Jaydee
Submitted By: HansonBot
Date Submitted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 12:06 pm
Description: This is my very first colorset released.

I formulated the colors from the real LEGO colorsets.

I checked on different charts on the internet and found a decent one off Eurobricks, and from that I based it to this. I chose which needs to trans and not.

The basic colors you used to know are not quite the same as these. These colors are toned to a level which appeals the eye and is calm in the viewer's mind.

I thank LEGO and especially Shadows from Eurobricks.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Lots of effort has been put into this to fit in every builder's needs.

Your artistic mind plays with the limitation of colors. It's arranged in a way your taste will decide what color will you choose.

A painter doesn't always have 16,777,216 colors at his side.

Greystone Scale
-These colors consist of classic LEGO stone colors. These colors range from those castle sets and cliffs. Very useful for making cliffs, castles, metallic, and etc.

Red-Brown-Tan Scale
-These colors consist of the classic Red color in throughout LEGO history. Includes the Salmon and Rust colors, Nougat and Brown, and Sand/Brick Yellow colors. Perfect for builds with a western theme.

Yellow-Orange Scale
-These tangy colors will juice out your blockhead's balls out because the Yellow color in this division is toned down and not actually saturated like those gazillion colorsets that use 100% saturated yellow. This scale blends naturally and is perfect for construction vehicles, sites, etc.

Green Scale
-LEGO's feeling of nature is embedded into this set. With this column you can revive your classic trees with the same color feel. Includes lime and other complements of the color green.

Teal-Blue Scale
-Making water is easy, your grandma can do it. With this column, you can "mimic" the waters from your LEGO sets. Whether its a moot or a river, or maybe a raging sea, these trusty colors will aid your work to reach a high aesthetic value.

Lilac-Purple Scale
-Soft and cuddly, the Lilac-Purple scale offers a good set of violets/purples/pinks at your fingertips. These colors can bring life and beauty to your ornamental builds and provide a juicy effect that will leave you nostalgic of your old LEGO days.

Utility Trans Scale
-Each division has actually the lightest color. Seeing they would be of lesser use, I decided to make them transparent instead. Even if each division have their own pair or block of transparent colors, this division offers a more glassy-like feel on your bricks.

I made you happy, would you make me happy too? :3


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