Title: HeightControl Support
Summary: A client and server support for better helicopter-like movement of vehicles
Author: Lordician
Submitted By: HansonBot
Date Submitted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 2:25 pm
Description: This support add-on is a client as well as a server add-on.
It has some features that will enable certain vehicles to control their height like a helicopter.
The features:
Any player
- When mounting a vehicle with HC-support, the player will be notified with a bottomprint.
Players with client
- Press and hold your jump-key to give your vehicle a constant boost up (untill you let the key go).
- Press and hold your crouch-key to give your vehicle a constant boost down (untill you let the key go).
- /HChelp shows HC-controls
Players without client
- Repeatedly press jump key to ascend.
- /HChelp shows a link to this add-on and no-client HC-controls.
- Vehicle creators can easily use this mod (more information below)

RTB vehicles using this:
- Jaydee's Vehicle_Apache
- Phydeoux's Vehicle_CivilianHeliPack
- Stratofortress' Vehicle_Blackhawk (HC support added by Marine24)
- Uxie's Vehicle_Aviator_Sub

Information regarding usage of this mod for modders:
Insert these lines in the datablock of your vehicle:
Code: //Heighcontrol parameters
heightcontrol= 1; //Enables the heightcontrol support for this vehicle
ascendVelocity= 1.00; //The velocity it adds when a user presses/holds the jumpkey
descendVelocity= -1.00; //The velocity it extracts when a user presses/holds the jumpkey

And you succesfully added support for this add-on.

Attention all add-on creators who use this mod.
I will soon update this with one of the most anticipated features:
Non-static Heightcontrol!
However, you might have to revise your datablocks to add a new line and adjust some values.
More information coming soon!

Important information:
Players don't have to have this mod too, though they will have less features.
Players who have this mod have access to the best features of this mod due to a client-sided script inside this add-on.
Sadly, i cannot do this otherwise.

File Information 
Supported Games: Blockland v20, Blockland Rebuilt
Version: v2
Filesize: 2.40 kB
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