Title: Tier Tactical - Shotty Skins 2
Summary: What? It IS groovy!
Author: Bushido, Jaydee, Space Guy
Submitted By: HansonBot
Date Submitted: Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:36 pm
Description: A skin for the combat shotgun, from Tier+Tactical's Tier 2 pack

There's really not much more to say. They're alternate models (or reskins) of existing weaponry, with minor, minor modifications to the way they play, like increased damage (and lowered ammo count) or faster fire rate but less range. You know, something like that.

It's a very win-lose kind of thing.

Included in this pack:

the Tactical Shotgun
(honorary member of the Modern pack)

In reality, the Tactical Shotgun is actually just a Pump Shotgun in disguise. As we all know, Pump Shotguns are the spies of the firearm world, putting on attachments and masks to merge into the crowd and get in on the ground floor of... something. We think it has something to do with bees. Anyways, despite it all being an intricate facade, the Tactical Shotgun actually works very similarly to a combat shotgun, with a slightly longer period between shots and a slightly stronger concussion blast.

the Riot Shotgun

To speak in a big-picture sort of sense, the Riot Shotgun is one of those guns that falls somewhere between 'bullet hose' and 'not bullet hose': we call them 'bullet no's'. (Get it?) What we mean by that is, while it has all the capacity and gumption and darin'-do of a bullet hose, it also has all the composure and mystery and darin'-do of a more sophisticated gun. This means that it has, in the past year, suffered several identity crises and gone through a makeover; but we're OK with that.

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