Title: Tier Tactical - Melee 1
Summary: I've always wanted to be an ice axe murderer.
Author: Bushido, Jaydee, Space Guy
Submitted By: HansonBot
Date Submitted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 4:44 am
Description: Ever noticed a distinct lack of caved-in heads on Blockland?


You're a douchebag.

Here's some melee weapons!

Includes the Electric Guitar, Katana, Baton, Ice Axe, Lead Pipe, Frying Pan, Spade, Sledgehammer, Machete and Combat Knife

The Electric Guitar, Katana, Baton, Ice Axe, Sledgehammer, Lead Pipe...
11 melee weapons available!
A bunch of 'generic' (we use that term lightly) that come together to make the ultimate melee weapon experience- get in close, then waste your enemy with a barrage of ice axe jabs, lead pipe brutalities and maybe a frying pan to the face for good measure! Comes balanced against Tier 1 secondaries- expect to loose when faced with someone with an actual gun.

The Combat Knife
"Grabbin' a bread slicer!"
The incredible Combat Knife is the epitome of melee weapons everywhere: Second only to the mythological (hopefully) Weed Whacker, the combat knife was designed by the BLAKC to be a great secondary for those brave souls without any ammo in their guns and a big mean asshole with a minigun staring down them. The knife in fact works so well that many soldiers abandon other weapons in order to grab this glorious, glorious sharpened stick!

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