Title: Tier Tactical - Pistol Skins
Summary: I feel like I'm gonna break this thing.
Author: Bushido, Jaydee, Space Guy
Submitted By: HansonBot
Date Submitted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 4:10 am
Description: 4 skins for the Pistol, from Tier+Tactical's Tier 1 pack

There's really not much more to say. They're alternate models (or reskins) of existing weaponry, with minor, minor modifications to the way they play, like increased damage (and lowered ammo count) or faster fire rate but less range. You know, something like that.

It's a very win-lose kind of thing.

Included in this pack:

the Classic Pistol
(part of the Classic series)
Long story short, the Classic Pistol has been the backbone of our troops since time BEGAN. We shit you not: We here at Bushico have actually DUG UP a still-functioning classic pistol (with 13 rounds in the magazine) from what we believe was the DAWN OF TIME. We assume that the first round fired was a rallying call to think and imagine and build... or, you know, fired at some kind of gigantic killer horse or something.

the Modern Pistol
(part of the Modern series)
Many scholars and genre-savvy gamers agree that the Modern Pistol will be the only major weapon that blockheadkind will use after we get invaded by aliens. We're not sure what their reasoning behind that idea is, but hey, if the War of the Servers leads to this gun being top dog, then we don't really have any problems with that.

the Covert Pistol
the Covert Pistol is, simply put, the favored weapon of backstabbing douchebags everywhere. Whether it being planting several dozen between the eyes of some other backstabbing douchebag, shooting some other backstabbing douchebag in the back a few dozen times or simply scaring some backstabbing douchebag into not stabbing you in your backstabbing douchebag back, the Covert (and by extension Silenced) pistol is the tool for the job. And if you don't think so, you're a backstabbing douchebag.

the Retro Pistol
(part of the Modern series and the Retro series)
There's a certain magic behind the Retro pistol. It's a relic of a bygone era, where people wore strange hairstyles and danced to awful music (unless it was Disco Inferno, in which case their dancing was massively justified). It was also a very non-war-ridden time, so it's sort of hard to figure out why this existed in the first place. Historians believe it was used to unclog toilets.

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