Title: Tier Tactical - Tier 2
Summary: Guaranteed better then Tier 1 or your money back
Author: Bushido, Jaydee, Space Guy
Submitted By: HansonBot
Date Submitted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:08 am
Description: Tier+Tactical is back with a Vengeance!

After a long absence from RTB, Tier+Tactical has finally pulled itself together and is all set for it's grand reappearance! Boasting new models, weapons, updates, and bugfixes, T+T2 is just a taste of what will surely be a great summer of new weapons, vehicles, sounds and scripts to further deepen your Blockland experience. Are you ready to make your masterpiece?

Because Tier+Tactical is.

The Magnum
The Magnum is, in many ways, the perfect equalizer. With spectacular performance at all ranges, it's definitely the most versatile of all sidearms- such is expected of one of Tier 2 caliber. A true professional's firearm, with expert use it can be used almost as well as a 'primary' weapon; but don't let that deter you, newbies. Even if you can't keep your aim on target, your Magnum will compensate- the gigantic rounds finding themselves in an enemy's head purely by chance being a relatively common sight.

Uses .880 magnum rounds.

The LMG, or Light Machine Gun, is the logical conclusion of the 'suppressive fire' line. Completely unrivaled in sheer volume of fire, but slightly subpar when it comes to outright damage, the LMG is the perfect support weapon. By catching an enemy with in your steady stream of bullets, you can allow teammates to easily pick off otherwise harder-to-hit foes. Sure, it's cheap as all hell, but what do you care? You've got a gun the size of Kansas, and an ammo box to match!

Uses 5.56 'Little Rifle' rounds.

The Assault Rifle
The Assault Rifle is, simply put, the best of both worlds. Just as the Sport Rifle is to Tier 1 combatants, the Assault Rifle is to Tier 2: a jack of all trades, but a master of none. Just like the Submachine Gun, rounds from this weapon will slow down enemies- but, because of it's slower rate of fire, from long range it's harder to keep an enemy caught in your fire: but, as a rifle, it maintains stellar accuracy- if the recoil doesn't throw you for a loop, of course.

Uses 5.56 'Little Rifle' rounds.

The Combat Shotgun
Built upon the classic Pump Shotgun model, the Combat Shotgun is a relatively recent reimagining of the pump-action model. At the cost of ammuntion-per-clip (and reload time: it's kindof hard to deal with the complicated mechanism), the revolutionary Anert-AI system completely negates the need to pump after every round: creating a weapon that dishes out an absolutely terrifying amount of lead in an astoundingly short period of time. But, of course, the kind of person who would choose a shotgun purely out of the need for power wouldn't understand what I just said, so allow me to put that last sentence to simpler terms.

If a Pump Shotgun is a sledgehammer, a Combat Shotgun is a wrecking ball with a jet engine attached.

Launched from a cannon.

From space.

Uses 12 gauge buckshot rounds.

The Battle Rifle
The creation of an intercontinental arms race, the Battle Rifle is essentially a cross between an SMG and a rifle. And by 'essentially' I mean 'literally': if you were to strip apart a Battle Rifle, you would see the exact same mechanisms as an SMG; right down to the little thingy that goes 'doink' every time you fire a round for no real reason. The REAL difference is the fact that it's chambered for a round even larger then standard assault rifle rounds, allowing for more damage delivered per-round. And, just like most other automatic weapons, getting hit by a Battle Rifle bullet will stop you dead in your tracks- until, of course, you are actually rendered dead in your tracks. Then the gun will just laugh at you.

Uses 7.08 Heavy Rifle rounds.

The Military Sniper
The Military Sniper is, essentially, the logical evolution of the sniper line. By using SO MUCH FUCKING PROPELLANT that the bullet is literally fired from the barrel TOO FAST TO SEE, it creates something right out of a nightmare: a bullet you can't dodge. Now, this kind of terrifying power comes at a price: namely, the size of the bullet. While .270 Huge Rifle is, in fact, considered 'huge' by most weapon standards (as the bullet is roughly as long as you are tall), to keep it flying accurately it has to be not only hollow but blunted. And made of plastic. Long story short, if it were flying any slower then 'completely invisible to the naked eye' it wouldn't even register as a gunshot to most people: if anything it'd be more like a fly landing on you. The round wouldn't even penetrate- it'd just disintegrate on impact! As such, not even a headshot will kill in one round, by itself- but if the enemy is wounded, even a little bit, the sheer force from the round will be, in fact, enough to neutralize them.

In other words, get a damn spotter!

Uses .270 Huge Rifle rounds.


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