Title: Chat Emotes Restored
Summary: Provides easily extendable graphical emotes in the chat.
Author: Port
Submitted By: Erika
Date Submitted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 6:01 pm
Description: A client-sided version of piber20's Chat Emotes Restored add-on, which itself is a server-sided overhaul of Port's Chat Emotes add-on.

Typing :whatever: in the chat will cause that emote to appear for everyone who has this add-on and the pack the emote is from.

While there are some default emotes you can use, to get the full experience you will need to download emote packs.

You can get those from the following locations:

Blockland Glass(
Blockland Archive

This is not a server-sided add-on. You will only see an emote if you have the add-on and emote packs.


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Version: v1.0.0
Filesize: 2.12 kB
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 Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2020 9:59 pm


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