Title: Locked Projectile Pack
Summary: Projectiles that target nearby objects.
Author: Chrono
Submitted By: Outland Predator
Date Submitted: Mon Dec 15, 2008 10:37 am
Description: Description
Important notice: Not recommended for any public building servers. Such as CityRPs, Freebuilds, Fortwars, etc. Use for private builds for making DMs.

Placed in Events, as it contains an event and there is no projectile section.

Information can be displayed in servers by typing /lockedHelp

This includes one event, to use 6 special projectiles.

Bullet Type
- Burst - 3 consecutive shots, doing more damage than the other bullet types. 100 range.
- Shotgun - 6 spread shells, low damage, however close targets will be heavily damaged and launched. 20 range.
- Automatic - 10 consecutive shots, low damage and accuracy, the rate of fire and the delay line up nicely to make it go at the same constant speed, with no skipping. (as long as projectile limit isn't reached) 60 range.
Fire Type
- Flamethrower (May cause lag on poor computers) - A constant stream of fire, doing low damage per hit, but heavy damage if it stays on you for awhile. 30 range.
Explosive Type
- Rocket - A low rate of fire (1 per 3 seconds), flies a bit slowly, does good explosive damage. 150 range.
- Shell - A low rate of fire (1 per 3 seconds), projectile moves fast, does good direct damage, and low radius damage. Best bet for very long ranges. 500 range.

To come
-Bullet Type
-Laser Type
--Quite a few of them
-Explosive Type
-Fire Type
-Medival Type

The event
-spawnLockedProjectile projectile range projectileOwner ignoreList

The first box is the projectile you'll be using.
The projectile MUST begin with Locked, or else it will give you an error. This is due to the unique system, which will allow users to easily add more projectiles.
The second box is the range. The max range for any projectile is 1000, but will be cut down to the projectile's max range when it fires. 1 = about 5 studs. (Estimate)
The third box will determine who owns the projectile, and kills will be counted to this client.
ActClient is the client who triggered the event. Good for manual turrets.
BrickOwner is the client who planted the brick. Good for automatic turrets, and traps.

The last box is more complicated. This is a list of what it will ignore.
Input any of these, in no particular order, separated by spaces, anything relating to clients will be the projectile owner, in relation to the object client.
Trust Levels
- B
This will ignore anyone with build trust, full trust, and the projectile owner.
- F
This will ignore anyone with full trust, and the projectile owner.
- S
This will ignore the projectile owner.

Admin Levels (I hate these, but added for other people)
- A
This will ignore admins and super admins.
- SA
This will ignore super admins.

Object types
- P
This will ignore normal players.
- Ai
This will ignore bots, tank turrets, and horses.
- V
This will ignore any vehicles, other than horses and tank turrets.
- E
This will ignore any vehicles that don't have a driver.
(But not horses and tank turrets)

Example: B Ai P E
This will only shoot at vehicles with a driver, if the owner doesn't have any trust with the driver.
Example: SA V Ai
This will only shoot at players that aren't super admins.

Notice: If the player is mounted to anything that isn't ignored, the vehicle will be targeted instead.

Adding Projectiles
Make a projectile (no items or images needed), and add these manditory fields:
locked = true;
firingRate = ##; //Time before the event can be triggered again. Anything too low can lag the server. I suggest lowest of 500, if you need something rapid fire use shotCount.
maxRange = ##; //This is how far it can shoot.
shellCount = ##; //This is how many shoot at one time, like a shotgun. Use a minimum of 1.
shellSpread = ##; //How much spread there is, higher number = higher spread. Recommended between 0.0000 - 0.0100
shotCount = ##; //How many times it shoots each time the event is triggered. Minimum of 1, or else it doesn't shoot.
shotDelay = ##; //The delay between each shot for shotCount.
//Make sure that shotCount*shotDelay doesn't exceed firingRate, or else a build-up of lag can occur.

And you can add this optional field:

fireSound = NAME; //This is the name of the AudioProfile datablock.

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