Title: Slayer (v20)
Summary: Fight on your own or in teams, with many different gamemodes to choose from!
Author: Greek2me
Submitted By: Kenko
Date Submitted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 6:41 pm
Description: Slayer

Slayer is the replacement of the old team deathmatch system. It implements more features and gamemodes and continued being developed when v21 released. The description below is from v21:

These are just a few of Slayer's features. There's too many to list here!

Team Features

  • Easy to Create - Teams are extremely easy to create using the GUI.
  • Easy Team Spawns - Simply place the "Team Spawn Point" brick, found in the Slayer brick category, and paint it the team's color. No need to figure out which team goes with which number!
  • Team Vehicles - Simply place the "Team Vehicle Spawn" brick, found in the Slayer brick category, and paint it the team's color. Only that team will be able to use the vehicle.
  • Capture Points - Bricks that teams must fight to control. Paint them to set the starting color. Stand on them to capture.
  • AutoSort - Automatically sort players into teams.
  • Team Balance - Makes sure that teams aren't stacked.
  • Team Swapping - Players can type /joinTeam [Team Name] to swap to another team.
  • Team Shuffle - Players will join a different team every X number of rounds if this is enabled.
  • Lock Teams - Allows you to set whether players can swap teams.
  • Friendly Fire - Toggle friendly fire on or off.
  • Fully Customizable Uniforms - Uniforms are fully customizable - just like your avatar!
  • Events - Lots of events to do lots of stuff. For events like onPlayerTouch(Team1), the number in parentheses is the team's color. To find it, pull out your paint can and count down the paint colors until you reach the team's color.
  • More - Per-team items and more!

Minigame Features

  • Gamemodes - Slayer includes several gamemodes and allows you to download and install many more that completely change the game-play.
  • Dedicated Minigame - Minigame works on dedicated servers. The host can leave the server without issues. In addition, others can edit/reset the minigame (see "Permissions").
  • Custom GUI - See "GUI Features" below.
  • Permissions - The owner can set who is allowed to edit/reset/leave the minigame (Super Admin, Admin, Owner, Full Trust, Build Trust).
  • Late Join Time - The option to prevent players from spawning if they join the minigame a certain amount of time after the round has started.
  • Edit Notifications - Lets players know what minigame settings were changed.

GUI Features

  • Admin/Trust Editing - Anyone with Edit Permissions (set them in the Advanced tab) can use the GUI to edit the minigame - not just the minigame creator.
  • Custom GUI - The GUI is custom-made for Slayer and looks great!
  • Minigame Settings - The GUI allows you to change all minigame settings.
  • Teams - The GUI makes editing teams easy. Just go to the Teams tab.
  • Advanced Settings - Allows you to heavily configure Slayer to your own needs.
  • Announcements - Announcements scroll along the bottom of the window. This displays announcements from online and from the server you're on. This allows you to leave messages for your admins in the GUI.

VCE Variables

  • <var:cl:lives> Gives the player's remaining lives.
  • <var:cl:kills>
  • <var:cl:deaths>
  • <var:cl:team> Player's team number.
  • <var:cl:teamName> Player's team name.
  • <var:cl:teamNameColored> Player's team name, colored the team color.
  • <var:cl:teamColor> Player's team color. Use in place of a color code like
  • <var:cl:teamScore>
  • <var:cl:teamMembers> Number of players on the team.
  • <var:br:teamName> The team (or teams) in control of the brick.
  • <var:br:teamNameColored> Same as above, but colored team colors.
  • <var:mg:teamScore[1-6]> The team score for team X: <var:mg:teamScore3>
  • <var:mg:teamMembers[1-6]> The number of players on team X: <var:mg:teamMembers2>
  • <var:mg:teamCount> The total number of teams.
  • <var:mg:gamemode> The fName of the gamemode.
  • <var:mg:resetting> Whether the round is resetting.
  • <var:mg:useRounds>
  • <var:mg:useTeams> Whether the gamemode allows teams.
  • <var:mg:lives> The minigame starting lives.
  • <var:mg:points> Number of points to win.
  • <var:mg:time> Total time to win.

There's many more features than this, so be sure to check it out for yourself!


"nice one. people really take no pride in good interfaces, it's good to see someone is"
- Ephialtes

"Amazing. Freaking amazing."
- mp7964

- The Corporation

"DAMN nice work!"
- -cosmic radiation-

"Never been such a good gamemode since halo!"
- Shocked

"This is just plain amazing, I also love the GUI, not many people put effort in making guis."
- Pah1023

"Slayer is my favorite addon to this date. It is so easy to use, and simple. I love it. Keep up the good work my friend."
- Lusk

Pretty Much Everything

  • Greek2me

Support Scripts

  • Support_SpecialKills Space Guy
  • Support_LibStr Clockturn

Beta Testers

  • Boom/Deathwishez
  • Brian Smith
  • Gizmo
  • Racerboy

Note: Slayer is not related to or dependent on "Team Deathmatch".

Modification Topic



If you are installing this using the RTB in-game Mod Manager, you might need to restart Blockland for the GUI to work!


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 Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 11:36 am

pls fix shuffle


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