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If you have trouble hosting a server on the B4v21 master server, please follow the steps that corresponds to your problem:
Open console, put in `webCom_PostServer();`, and press enter. After the console says, "Posting to master server...", a message similar to "Posting to master server failed! Reason: (blah blah)" should appear. Please follow the steps below depending on what the reason is.

REASON: "no user"
Go grab the new installation of Script_CustomMS here.

Master server does not load / It doesn't print out an error message but I still don't see it on the listing
1) Open Blockland v20 (or whatever version you're trying to host)
2) Open console, put in `echo($Pref::MasterServer);` and press enter.
3) If it does not say '', please put this into console: `$Pref::MasterServer = "";` and press enter.
4) Go to the main menu of Blockland and quit the game. This is so that Blockland saves your preferences (including the master server url!)

REASON: "Too many servers tied to this ip"
You can only host three servers on my master server at a time, so if you try to host a fourth, you will be denied until you stop one of the other servers. Please note that servers persist on the master server listing for ~5-10 minutes after you stop hosting it. You must wait for one of the other servers to disappear from the listing before you host another one. If you believe you are getting this by mistake, however, please DM @Clay Hanson#2275.

REASON: "No eval patch installed"
If you're getting this error, you need to install the CustomMS patch for your version from #official-downloads. Here are some steps for those who need a bit more details:
1) Install the patch from #official-downloads
2) Put the zipfile in the Add-Ons folders (for v9 and below, extract the .cs file to Add-Ons and Add-Ons/Client (unless there is already a Client folder in the zip file))
3) Enable the add-on via the Add-Ons menu in-game. This is to allow dedicated servers to use it, since dedicated servers don't execute client add-ons.

REASON: "*-- You are banned from the master server --*"
If you are using Blockland v20: Steam Edition, follow the steps below. If you aren't / you did the steps below and are still experiencing this, then you were actually banned from the master server. Sad.
1) Download the new version of SteamAuth.dll from here.
2) Replace the existing SteamAuth.dll in your 'SpaceWar/modules' folder.
3) Host your server.

If you still cannot host a server, please contact @Clay Hanson#2275.