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RTB Connect Revival!
Posted by Kenko

You thought we were done at reviving RTB, huh? Not yet! After restoring the add-on services and other RTB3 functionality, we have decided to finally throw out the IRC system that had been causing us issues throughout its use, and replace it with a revival of a better, custom-made service, originally known as RTB Connect. For those not around when RTB was still alive, RTB Connect replaced the single IRC chat room with a custom-made chat service that actually authenticates with the game, allows for use of multiple chat rooms, and even has an entire friends and pm system, all on a nice overlay you can pull up mid-game. We've now revived all of these services, and added them all in a new B4v21-RTB update for all to use! To get started, launch v20 and update your RTB. (If no prompt automatically appears, go to the RTB options, tick all the settings there and restart.) After updating, just press shift+tab to open the overlay any time. (keybind is rebindable in the RTB options!)