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New RTB Revival and Add-on Repository!
Posted by Kenko

Hello again! We've been quite hard at work recently (well, mostly clay has) to revive something major for B4v21 that had been completely broken and ignored until now - RTB. The previous news post had announced the creation of the Files section. It was fairly basic and only allowed B4v21 admins to submit files. We then had considered making an in-game viewer and downloader for these files.. but quickly realised such functionality already existed in RTB. The project then shifted focus from being just a files section, to being an entire revival of almost all of RTB's functions. The files system has been worked on majorly to support all the features old RTB did, such as adding screenshots, description formatting, versioning, along with users being able to rate and comment on add-ons. These add-ons are also auto-updated in-game too! Users can also now upload add-ons to the site! Feel free to upload any add-ons you have made for v20 (specifically v20!!), and also feel free to upload older add-ons made by others! It would be super helpful if people could upload all of the add-ons they find useful, essential and/or fun to the new system. Please make sure to include screenshots and a detailed description with your upload! (you can even just copy+paste them directly from the old rtb site if you want!) See the new add-ons website here: You can also view and download add-ons directly in-game through the MOD Manager! We hope you enjoy the new add-on repository! We hope that providing this service gives further ease in being able to find add-ons to use in B4v21. Any help in submitting content is appreciated and, of course, feel free to report and issues and/or bugs you encounter with the service. Thanks for playing!