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New B4v21 Files Page!
Posted by Kenko

Hey all! Thanks for your continued support with B4v21. We had noticed that a huge deterrent of new users hosting servers is the amount of add-ons that require fixing up for use in v20. To help with this, we have finally launched a new files section on our website! This new section will be the home to all of the add-ons that our community have helped fix up for all to use, new add-ons created by the community for B4v21, and other various add-ons that are useful for use in these old versions. Huge thanks to everyone who have created fixes for v21 add-ons over the years! I hope that with continued effort of fixing these add-ons and providing support for them, it will enable more people to host more servers for B4v21, increasing activity. Right now only admins can submit add-ons, so let us know if you have any more suggestions for add-ons to add to the site. See the new page here: