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B4v21's New Authentication System!
Posted by Kenko

Hello again! Badspot has now pushed out steam-only authentication for v21, and as a side-effect, our steam auth for v20 no longer works. We could try to fix the steam auth dll to once again function for just v20, but we thought we'd do better then that for you all. From now on to authenticate on retail B4v21 versions, users now must register on our website through Steam, and then receive a brand new authentication key. With our patched B4v21 clients, you can use this authentication key to continue playing online on these versions. This isn't a way of pirating Blockland, keep in mind. We verify that you actually own the BLID you type in with Blockland's real auth servers. Right now only one BLID can be entered for each steam account, but multiple BLIDs per steam account will be implemented Soon™. ** Note also that you are given a Key Recovery Secret alongside your key. If you ever then lose your key, you can contact a B4v21 admin and give them this secret to verify your identity, to then recover your key once again. Keep this secret safe and secure, for potential use later. Thanks for being patient with us as we take our time to implement this new authentication system and these client fixes. As of this post only v20 has been patched with this new auth system, but we will release patches for the other B4v21 clients Soon™.