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Our response to the recent key leaks
Posted by Kenko

Hey all; as most of you are aware, Blockland recently faced an attack where a user was able to gain other users authentication keys through a remote code execution security exploit in the game. In response, Badspot has put out a security patch on v21 to fix this (which you all should update to), and Badspot will also be disabling key authentication entirely, instead relying on only steam authentication. Here's how B4v21 is being affected by this: 1. We have now pushed out a security patch to our v20 client to fix this security issue, with help from @Val who had discovered it in the first place. We strongly advise you update to this new version before playing the game, to make sure you stay safe. The B4v21 Launcher should automatically update your client for you. Any server running the new version won't allow older clients to join anymore, so be sure to update. 2. Unfortunately, all versions between v1.03 and v19 will now be limited to only offline play. Trying to implement steam authentication to these versions will be a lot of effort which isnt really worth the tiny amount of online activity these versions get. We don't want to open our own authentication server as bypassing auth checks will probably get us in trouble legally. 3. Dedicated servers on separate machines will be more difficult to authenticate through steam. We don't yet know how we will tackle this issue, and Badspot has yet to release any solutions or guides for it. Hosting these will be more difficult until we can figure this out, sorry! We'll update you when we figure this out. v20 will continue on steam authentication just fine (aside from the mac client). We hope this doesn't cause too much inconvenience for anyone on the older versions. Thanks for your continued support throughout all of this!