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Master Server Migration & B4v21 Launcher Release!
Posted by Kenko

Hi everyone, we have now migrated the B4v21 Master Server, and we are also now releasing the B4v21 Launcher for all to use! The B4v21 Master Server has been migrated to our new webhost, which requires that all of your current B4v21 installs now need to switch over to this new master server in order to continue working on multiplayer. To help with this, we have decided to finally push the B4v21 Launcher out of beta, for everyone to use! The B4v21 launcher will provide helpful features to you such as automatically downloading and managing BL versions, automatically updating these versions for you when new updates/fixes are released by us (no more manual updating!!), a server list showing both our master server and BLs v21 master server, and more. Plus, the launcher itself also automatically updates, so we can add even more features and version downloads in the future! To download the launcher and get started, just visit the launcher page on our website: To migrate your current clients into our launcher, follow both the migration instructions on the page for the launcher. We hope you enjoy the new launcher! If you encounter any issues or bugs with it, please report them in our discord, in the #bug-reporting channel.