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Website Migration
Posted by Clay Hanson

Hello, everyone! Been a while since we posted anything here. We, the B4v21 team, have taken steps towards detaching from our previous free webhost x10hosting, in favor of our own setup that allows for more freedom with managing our services. As a result, we have migrated to our own custom website server which, whilst allowing for more freedom, will also require players to update their CustomMS add-ons. We recognize this as a tedious process, and so we have decided to convert the B4v21 launcher into an auto-updater, to allow for easier management & updating of Blockland v20 in the future. The old master server and the new master server's services will be swapped out somewhere around the end of February. Alongside the master server migration, an update to the B4v21 launcher will be publicly released. This update will notify you of new updates for both your B4v21 clients & the launcher itself, automatically installing them for you. Thanks for understanding, and have fun!