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New B4v21 Rich Presence Module
Posted by Clay Hanson

The B4v21 team has taken the entire day concocting a new version of the B4v21 Discord Rich Presence DLL, and as a result, have added in some new features: - You can now join a user's game via Discord's rich presence system. - You will no longer have to update the DLL if we want to add more maps to the preview list. In addition to all of this, the module has been added to the default B4v21 v20 installation. If you want to install it into a pre-existing installation, go to and install Blocklandv20.exe, Discordv20.dll, discord-rpc.dll and BlocklandLoader.dll. Replace Blockland.exe with Blocklandv20.exe (keep it named Blocklandv20.exe), place Discordv20.dll into the 'modules' folder, and place discord-rpc.dll and BlocklandLoader.dll into the directory with Blocklandv20.exe in it. After that, you should be good to go.