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RTB2 Archive Released!
Posted by Kenko

After hours of renaming all of these add-ons and fixing some others, it is finally done. THE RTB2 ADD-ON ARCHIVE HAS BEEN RELEASED: This is an archive of add-ons that mostly have not been seen ever since 2009. RTB2 was the predecessor to the last RTB3, and only lasted from February to July of 2009. Unlike RTB3, when uploading files to RTB2 it would not have needed to be seen by a moderator before being submitted on the site. This, however, meant that there was a lot of bad/trash submissions. There are some add-ons here that are quite rare, and a lot that are quite bad and barely working. I have corrected some add-ons to work properly, such as many add-ons that were nested or those with weird packaging. HOWEVER NOTE that a lot of these add-ons have been completely unmoderated. Proceed with your own risk when using some of these add-ons.