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B4v21 was originally created by Kenko, on the 23rd of July specifically because the older v20 master server had gone down. It had started off as a simple Discord server where the idea was to share IPs to the servers you were hosting, so you could find other v20 servers. It has grown massively since then, and has sparked new life into interest in older blockland versions.
On the 27th, Clay Hanson joined our discord server and built a new v20 master server from scratch. This allowed us much more freedom, as we were now able to add whatever features we wanted, such as allowing for even earlier versions then v20. Slowly, versions such as v0002, RTBv1.045 and many more became supported by the custom master server, and now the master server finally supports every version of the game.

After the new custom master server went up, Kenko decided to host a freebuild, with an interesting twist: map rotation. The map rotation freebuild has been running from then until today, hosting for countless weeks and gaining 5,000 total autosaves totalling at 4GB, spanning over 100 maps. It has been the longest lasting server on B4v21 and has really helped reintroduce old players to the old version of the game, and new players to something they may've never experienced otherwise.
Many more discoveries were had, such as old add-on archives, and add-on creators providing fixes for broken add-ons. Map makers also contributed, creating maps specifically for B4v21. When an old user dumped their add-on folder from v19, a version of Return To Blockland was found which perfectly worked in v20, along with the IRC used still being hosted to this day. Now, B4v21 now owns the original IRC that RTB used to own, which people are finding from the RTBv1.045 mod. All of these small fixes and additions really helped with keeping the game interesting.
On the 10th of September, tapemaster21 joined our forum topic, explaining that he has a lot of old installers for old blockland versions. This included versions of blockland that were seemingly lost to time, such as v9 to v15. Tape also uploaded his old add-on folders, where multiple more old add-ons were rediscovered. This inspired others to upload their add-on folders also, rediscovering many add-ons that were seemingly lost due to dead download links. Suddenly, a big leap occured in terms of development of v20. Although it was thought to be impossible, a DLL loader for v20, after being worked on for weeks, was finally created. This opened a new door, allowing for steam authentication to work for v20. After a couple more weeks of constant development on a DLL which would allow steam users to authenticate, on the 28th of November, steam authing was released. This allowed B4v21 to explode, as allowing steam users allowed so many more people to play the game, and therefore help spread awareness.
On the 2nd of December, B4v21 had reached an all-time high: 26 total players on a v20 server at once, and 40 total players at once on the master server total. So far, this has been the max active players at once on v20, and along with this, the B4v21 Discord server surpassed 200 members on the 2nd also.
This has all been done thanks to the amazing, supportive community. We cannot thank you enough for showing interest in older blockland versions, and supporting us while development and drama occurs. We wish that B4v21 has either let you relive old memories from back-in-the-day, or allow you to experience something you'd never experience before, due to buying the game too late. This definitely isn't the end though, and we still have a future ahead of us! Thank you for playing on B4v21!