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About B4v21

B4v21 is a project focused on the revival of older Blockland versions. We apply various fixes and updates to these clients to allow for a better experience playing them, with fully functional multiplayer support, steam user support and more.
We provide a nice community to those either wanting to return to older verisons for nostalgia, those who want to experience the old maps for the first time or those who just believe these older blockland verisons are superior.

We have also assisted greatly in the discovery of old, lost blockland content. This became such a focus that it has subsided into its own seperate archival project. B4v21 has caused a new resurgence in rediscovering old, thought-to-be-lost Blockland content, and preserving the content that is still around, bound to otherwise disappear soon.

We sincerely thank all of you who have helped us with our project, either by directly supporting us, spreading B4v21 to others or just by playing it. It's been an amazing project to create and work on, and we're very glad we have managed to allow all of you to play these older Blockland versions.